Job Openings

Prospective undergraduates, graduate students, or postdocs should contact Karen Daniels about current or upcoming employment opportunities.

Undergraduates: Consider applying for a Undergraduate Research Grant, and/or speak to me in person about other research opportunities during the school year or summer. These are usually paid through either grant funds or through Work-Study appointments. I am also happy to support student applications for summer internships through the NC Space Grant program. I post job openings to the department’s “Research Opportunities” forum at (log in with your UnityID to see the listings.) For Summer 2018, I anticipate hiring on one or more of the following projects:

  • Fluidizing a solid. We are conducting experiments on the rheology (flow properties) of living fluids to understand how small-scale motions can destabilize a sandpile and cause it to flow. Skills required: careful attention to detail in performing experiments on sensitive equipment, reliability in caring for living organisms (flour beetles), willingness to learn Matlab programming for data analysis, willingness to participate in writing up results as a scientific paper. (filled)
  • Which straw broke the camel’s back? We are working on improving our algorithms for the automated image-analysis of experiments on granular materials. Following code development, you will conduct and analyze new experiments, trying to predict where each sample will fail. Skills required: programming skills (any language at the level of PY251; we will be using Matlab), willingness to learn to use NC State’s high-performance computing (HPC) center, ability to work collaboratively on a team, willingness to participate in writing up results as a scientific paper.

Prospective graduate students: Please visit the Physics Graduate Program website for information about how to apply to the PhD program in the NC State Physics Department. Incoming students often have a teaching assistant appointment (TA) for the first year or two, and are then supported on a research grant.

Current graduate students: Please feel welcome to join our weekly lab meetings to learn more about our work, or just stop by to talk. A new student project is available starting Summer 2018, performing experiments on force networks and/or rheology (flow) of granular materials. Students from our group have successfully received NSF Graduate Research Fellowships (due October each year) and NC Space Grants (due March each year); I am always happy to work with students on developing their grant-writing skills.

Prospective postdocs from Germany: As a member of the Humboldt Foundation network, I am able to sponsor applications for their Feodor Lynen Research Fellowship program.