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Sample images of eGaIn spreading

Liquid metals forming fractals

We have a new paper in Physical Review Letters showing how the formation of an oxide layer controls the spreading (or not) of eutectic gallium...
Estelle Berthier

Bienvenue, Estelle!

We are pleased to welcome Dr. Estelle Berthier as a postdoc in the group. She comes to us from the Ponson group at the Université...
photo of Ephraim Bililign

Ephraim Bililign is Apker Finalist

We’re proud that graduated senior Ephraim Bililign has been named an Apker Award Finalist, for his work on the statistical physics of granular materials.

Jonathan, Zhu, and Karen attend Powders & Grains 2017

Zhu Tang, Jonathan Kollmer, and Karen Daniels flew to Montpellier, France to take part in the quadrennial Powders and Grains meeting. The Proceedings are open for all to read.
Image from PEGS

Focus Issue on Granular Imaging

Postdoc Jonathan Kollmer and alum James Puckett (PhD 2012) have contributed to the Focus Issue “Imaging Methods in Granular Physics” in Review of Scientific Instruments....

News Archive from 2016

The Physics Department recently highlighted some the department’s research areas in a serious of beautiful videos. See Karen Daniels describe the lab’s work in the...

News Archive from 2015

The work of printmaker M. C. Escher resonates with many physicists. There’s an exhibit of his work at the NC Art Museum this fall, and...

News Archive from 2014 and before

Talks from the Pan-American Advanced Studies Institute on Particulate Media are available here: (November 2014) Congratulations to Rebekah Lee, who has been awarded an...